Straight Talk

I’m on Day 5 of my Straight Talk plan, and no complaints so far! I was out of town and didn’t have any issues with service in a small town. The whole process of transferring my number over was simple as well. I was able to do everything online which is my preferred method of getting things done anyways. Since I kept my phone, I still have my iPhone 7 so that was perfect.

These are the steps that I took to switch to Straight Talk and transfer my number to the Straight Talk plan:

  1. I texted BYOP to 611-611 to verify if my phone would be compatible for the transfer.
  2. Get the activation and service plan from Walmart. It cost me $45 before tax which included 10GB of data for the month.
  3. In order to transfer my number over, I had to be still in service with my previous provider (Verizon). Since my plan with Verizon was slated to stop on November 1st, I bought the activation and service plan on the 30th and initiated the transfer the same day. This gave me a couple of days to ensure that the transfer was done in time for when I was out of service. I had a work phone as well so I knew I would be fine if all went south.
  4. The activation card had 3 different types of SIM Card (Verizon, Tmobile and maybe AT&T – I can’t recall the third one). Since my previous provider was Verizon, I used the Verizon SIM Card that came with the activation card. I had to play around with this a couple of times, and even had to YouTube on how to pop out my SIM Card. It was very easy once I had some guidance – and you can use a paperclip so no special SIM Card tool needed. This was the only tricky part of the process since I took it out and put it back in multiple times switching it with my old and new SIM Card since I wasn’t exactly sure how it was supposed to work. I eventually kept my old SIM Card in.
  5. I created an account on Straight Talk online and then started the number transfer where I had to give them some account information so they can access the transfer.
  6. That night, I wasn’t able to switch over since it was late. I don’t know if it’s a manual process done by a person. However, the next morning, I got a text saying that the account information was incorrect so I had to update the account information on the Straight Talk website. Once I did that and was successful, I put my new SIM Card into my phone, and it was working.
  7. A couple of hours later, someone from Straight Talk called me to verify that everything was working.
  8. Overall, the process was simple and now I’ve cut my cost almost $50!

Daily Expenditure:

$22.32 (Grocery store – includes items for my lunch this week)