Eating In

Eating out has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Is it even considered a hobby? Probably not. But I enjoyed trying new restaurants and eating a good meal prepared by someone else other than myself.

Unfortunately, it’s costly not to mention that it’s probably not always the healthiest.

When I was at Costco last night, I decided to pick up some pork belly and some pork chops. I split these up into two per small baggy that I froze so that they are more portion controlled.

I’ll be alternating vegetarian weeks with weeks making pork belly with a vegetable. They are really simple meals, and something that I learned from my mom. She used to always put a small amount of fatty meat in with a vegetable such as green beans or eggplants or cabbage. The fat in the pork belly cooked off and gave some good flavor to the vegetables. I simply add some salt and eat it with rice.

It’s nothing difficult or mind blowing, but it’s a cheap meal and easy to make and prepare. It’ll really save me on my groceries and on eating. Since it’s easy to prep, I’ll be taking more of it for my lunches as well.

Yesterday’s Daily Expenditures:

$65.15 (Costco)

Today’s Daily Expenditures:

$59.73 (new Straight Talk phone and plan activation)