Stopping Principal Payments

After listening to the ChooseFI podcast Episode 5, I decided to stop paying the $151 extra a month to my house. I had originally put that extra amount to try and decrease the length of my loan. When I had originally spoken to my mortgage company, they had said that the extra $151 is like making biweekly payments which will shorten my loan term. They would have had to charge me extra just to make biweekly payments so this extra $151 would still let me achieve my goal without being charged.

My interest rate on my house is 4%, and again since I am in debt repayment, it just makes sense that I stop the principal payment, and put that $151 towards debt. Once I am debt free, I would probably put the money towards investment with the hopes of earning more than 4%, and just slowly pay my house. At least, that would be the plan for now.

Yesterday’s expenditure:

~$50 (gas)

Daydreams Are Good

I bit the bullet today and bought 3 lottery tickets. It was just too fun not to try! And the daydreaming was all part of the fun. I had a good laugh with my coworkers today dreaming about what we would buy and the first few things we would do.

The daydreaming must be what people buy into. The thought that possibly it could be me or you.

Of course we all know the odds are so bad, but I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to daydream. I think daydreaming is actually what keeps us going and motivated. Now, I am not saying you should just daydream, but I do believe that:

Daydreaming + Action = Magic

If we didn’t use our imagination to think about our wildest dreams, I don’t know if many of us would pursue our crazy ideas. I dream really big. When I have a vision, I don’t see A ¬†and then B, I usually see A and then Z+! I go from 1 to 100, even if really I am at Step -100. I just like to really dream big, and then slowly figure out a way to get there.

I don’t know if many people believe this, but I actually do believe that I was meant to do more, and I will always work to do more and achieve more. It’s just in my nature to daydream and try to reach my fullest potential. I still have a lot of room to grow and to learn, and that’s my favorite part of living: the learning and the journey.

May we all continue to daydream and to work to make those daydreams into reality!

Daily Expenditures:

$5 (lottery tickets – 2 for Mega Millions and 1 for Powerball)