Purchases I Don’t Regret

There are definitely stupid purchases that I’ve made in my life, but there’s also a lot of purchases that I have been happy that I have made.

  • my home – so my kids can scream and jump and run as much as they want to
  • my Madewell boots – because I wear them all the time in the winter time, and the quality is so good – I’ll be keeping these for the next 20 years!
  • my Lands End red coats – this is a workhorse coat, and I love the red! It’s bright so you’re less likely to notice the wear on it.
  • my education – because nobody can take that away from me. Now I wish I hadn’t taken out all those student loans, but live and learn.
  • my mattress – because it’s so comfortable & it doesn’t squeak – the brand I got wasn’t Casper, but the company that I bought it from is similar to Casper and delivered it to my doorstep!

Daily Expenditures:

$39 (kids’ school pictures)

$92.13 (ink cartridges for business)

$36.72 (Costco)

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