Lowering My 401k Contribution Rate

I’m working on paying down my debt so I had to think seriously about lowering my 401k contribution rate. Previously, I was contributing 20% which was putting a strain on me financially. As much as it’s hard to lower that amount, I decided to do it anyways. I lowered it to 5%, and I’ll have to double check what my company’s match policy is, but I believe that still qualifies me for the employer match.

That 15% difference will be going towards debt pay down. I’ll do a post soon of where I am on my debt situation, and possibly create some side bars so that I can see the progress each month.

Daily Expenditures:

$107.76 (Utility bills – this is the first bill that I’m using a credit card to earn points. I previously paid with a check by mail so that was $.49 cents each time. My utility company doesn’t charge me to use a credit card so I’m earning points on my utilities which feels good.)

$35 (doctor copay – again, I paid with a credit card. I’ll be trying to use my credit card more for bills)

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