Credit Card Debt Paydown

I knew my credit cards were a bit high, but yikes, I’m at about ~$50k which is just mind boggling really.

Since I don’t have a car payment anymore, I’m going to keep my checking account around $5k (as my safety net), and pour as much as I can into my credit cards. I have two cards with around ~$25k each so I’ll work on the card that doesn’t have the 0% interest.

It’s discouraging to think about how I got here, but pouting and being sad does nothing for my credit card debt so I’m trying to stay positive and to just keep making progress each day by not eating out when I can and trying to find ways to cut costs.

Yesterday’s Daily Expenditures:

$40 (gas – my new car requires Premium gas which I was a little disappointed in, but through groceries points, I was able to get 10cents off each gallon. Note to self to do more research before I just jump into purchasing a car – but really, car research is the death of me)

$40 (childcare)

$62.87 (for a goal planner – I know, pricey! I’ll have to consider whether I want to buy this next year, but I do this monthly planner with a friend and I really like how it keeps me propelling forward through each months so I think benefit exceeds cost on this one, at least for this year)

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