$926 car payment be gone!

I did it folks!

I sold my car to the dealership. It had a $33k balance on the car note, and I ended up having to pay $1k to cover the gap between the note and what they would give me for my car. They said they don’t haggle although I tried a little. But at the end of the day, I decided to just go with it. You see, I have a car payment coming up next week and honestly I didn’t want to deal with it.

So how did I get home? I actually bought a $14k car there. It was $12k but after taxes and the $1k negative equity, my walk out price was $14k. I paid cash which I got through my credit card so I will have to pay my credit card within the next year, but over the long term, I thought I would do better than paying for a car that was $33k.

I am so relieved, and now it’s onto tackling another item that I can cut from my life or lower the cost of so I’m super excited. Learning to live below my means, cutting out debt and saving as much as I can are really my priorities right now.

Daily Expenditures so far:

None although I will probably get some ingredients for this dish so I can make it for lunch next week.

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