To Keep or Not To Keep

I vacuumed and got a quick drive-thru car wash in the hopes of getting a quote for the buyback of my car. When I got to the dealership, they wanted to know what car I wanted to purchase. I decided to walk out instead.

As I drove home, I justified in my head keeping my car. And I’m just bouncing the ideas around in my head. I love my car but it’s a gas guzzler, and the upkeep is pricey to me. I do feel safe in it. But it’s just too pricey for me.

The idea of doing a bunch of research on the purchase of another car doesn’t appeal to me though, and I think that’s why I keep wanting to justify just keeping my car and working to pay it down. It is a big money suck though, and if I can get a lower car payment, it would really help me to save and also to pay off debt.

I’ll keep pushing ideas around in my head and see where I land.

My daily expenditures look pretty heavy, but I’ve been meaning to pay for my therapy (this is for the intake evaluation). My regular sessions are $35 each. Honestly I feel too broke to go to therapy, but trust me, I really need it right now.

I also made some progress in registering my business, and also dealing with some back-end things with my website and finding some wholesalers. It’s a little scary to keep moving forward, but I listened to great podcast from ChooseFI today and it’s really pushing me to take action. It’s the episode with J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly, and I love his mentality on taking action.

Daily Expenditures:

$165 (therapy)

$10 (car wash)

$82 (PO Box for my business)

$180 (Registration for my business)

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